Web Design & Development

Progressive Internetworks specializes in custom web site development. We begin with initial meetings to learn about your organizations, your goals and to perform needs assessment. We’ll then provide a detailed report and proposal including options prices and timelines. Then we begin the prototyping process in which we work with you to create a look and feel that projects the image of your organization. Generally a custom site from start to finish can be completed in thirty days.

An important feature of our customized sites is the content management system which will give you complete, in-office, control of your site. See our page on content management for more information. The final result will be a website which will enable your organization to develop and maintain a rich information resource.

Sometimes content-creation is handled co-operatively, with the client maintaining daily updates and the creation of new information, while we are involved with larger updates that involve graphic creation. Often a monthly support and maintenace agreeement is created to help budget for support and upgrades.

Generally, there are three phases in our custom site design:

What you can expect from a PXI web site