Member Managment

The member management tool allows you to easily develop and maintain a private, secured web portal where you can shared discussions, documents, resources, and events. It is one of the first products of our Netgrowth ( partnership, and early adopters have been very pleased.

For associations with member groups, it allows you to have a public directory and profile pages of your member groups, that the groups themselves can keep up to date through a simple form. You can assign ‘group manager’ access to people who can then manage all the membership information for their member group.

The system is easy to use, and very fast. It‘s designed from the ground up to help small and medium sized non-profit organizations communicate and collaborate.


Host discussion forums with alerts, archives, flagging, and secure forums for groups within your organization such as managers and board members. You can browse the forums by date and topic, and keep track of important discussions with favorites.


Users can post documents, files, and links in a categorized system that‘s easy to manage. Resources can be found by date, topic, popularity, and you can save the ones you use most. Resources can be set to have permissions so that only particular users can access them.


The event calendar allows users to post events, with automatic mapping of locations, Outlook integration, feeds, alerts, and recurring events.



Administrators and member organization managers can post messages that appear on user‘s dashboards. They must click to acknowledge reading, and the author of the message can confirm who has read their message.

Member Groups

For organization‘s that have ‘member groups’, for instance, a national organization with provincial chapters, you can set up ‘group manager’ accounts that allow those organizations to use the system and have their own private discussions, resources, and member lists. You can create a public directory of your member groups, hosting profile pages with details, contact information, photos and maps, that the group maintains itself, though the system. These pages can be integrated with you main website.


Administrator‘s have fine-grained control of users, permissions, and can manage all site content, including the content of email messages from the system.