We spent a lot of time researching our current providers, and keep abreast of what’s happening in the hosting world to ensure we’re using the best resources we can. Our services run on top of the line hardware, in data centres we’ve researched, with companies we know we can trust.

Most of our services are provided as “hosted services”, meaning its our code running on our servers in conjunction with your design, interface and data. Hosting is usually included as part of the ongoing support/license agreement. If we’re building a large scale solution for you, we have access to resources and expertise to deploy on load-managed, enterprise grade configurations.

If your site is on our servers, we make sure you get everything you need. We don’t intentionally limit anything. If you happen to exceed our capacities we’ll work with you to provide at-cost upgrades. This has not happened yet, but if, for instance, you site was bringing in a terabytes of traffic monthly, we’d easily find a way to deal with it.

We don’t really sell hosting packages, but if you are a nonprofit organization that needs to host something, do drop as a line, we might be able to help.

Hosting your website

If you ended up at this page while researching hosting for your organization, we would make a few suggestions to you:

If you are looking at a VPS, three companies that have very good reputations are Knownhost, Servint and Powervps.