Progressive Internetworks, based in Ottawa, creates web sites, content management, and web applications for non-profit organizations. We tend to call the company PXI, a name we came up with when we felt that progressiveinternetworks.ca was just too long to type. We also do commercial work (via Netgrowth.ca), but our focus is the non-profit sector, which has unique needs with regard to web sites that we’ve been learning about for more than 10 years.

We specialize in developing accessible web sites built on web standards, with an eye to finding an efficient web strategy with a managed long term cost. Our web solutions are tailored specifically for non-profit organizations. We offer free consultations and evaluations of your current web site and online strategy (in person if you are located near Ottawa, Ontario). We’ll also work with your funders and fund-raisers to explore the revenue-generating potential of your site.

Our customers have ranged from large government departments such as Natural Resources Canada and Elections Canada, to small single-issue political campaigns. We’ve worked for major commercial projects and research groups at universities.

Nous avons aussi travaill├ę avec des organisations francophones ce qui est important parce qu’on reconna├«t l’importance du bilinguisme au Canada.